Autumn Semester
Wednesday 13.15-15.00, HG D 7.2 (Lecture)
Wednesday 15.15-16.00, HG D 7.2 (Exercises)


The course will introduce students to various methods of analysing the user experience, showing how these can be used at different stages of system development from requirements analysis through to usability testing. Students will get experience of designing and carrying out user studies as well as analysing results. The course will also cover the basic principles of interaction design. Practical exercises related gesture-based interaction will be used to reinforce the concepts introduced in the lecture. To get students to further think beyond traditional system design, we will discuss issues related to ambient information and awareness.


Students areĀ assessed by a 2 hour written examination in english. No course materials or electronic devices can be used during the examination. Note that the examination will be based on the contents of the lectures, the associated reading materials and the exercises.


1 20.09.2017 Introduction

2 27.09.2017 The User

3 04.10.2017 User Modelling
User modelling- slides annotated
4 11.10.2017 Interaction Paradigms & Computational UI Design
5 18.10.2017 Experimental Design
Exercise 1 Instructions
Study Design Exercise
6 25.10.2017 Basic Statistics
Study Analysis - Exercise
7 01.11.2017 Experiments Discussion
Experiments Discussion - notes
Study Form Templates
8 08.11.2017 Interaction Design

9 15.11.2017 Video Analysis

10 22.11.2017 Beyond mouse and keyboard
Myo Exercise (slides)
11 29.11.2017 Digital Pen Paper
Cross-Device Case Studies

12 06.12.2017 Lightroom Case Study
Lightroom Paper (required reading)
13 13.12.2017 Communication and collaboration

14 20.12.2017 Review
Exam 2015
Exam 2014
Exam 2013


  • Prof Moira Norrie
  • Prof Otmar Hilliges

  • Assistants

  • Christoph Gebhardt
  • Linda Di Geronimo