Spring Semester
Tuesdays 10.15-12.00 in CAB G 51
Fridays 10.15-12.00 in CAB G 51


The course follows on from an earlier course on relational database technologies by introducing other database paradigms and extensions to relational systems. Students will gain experience of working with object, NoSQL and XML databases and the course will examine the features of these systems in terms of their approaches to storage, querying and transaction management and how they compare to relational systems and each other. The course will also look at how relational systems have been extended to support specific types of data, for example spatial, temporal and text data. In the second half of the course, the students will be introduced to modern information system architectures that build on one or more database technologies and a case study will be used to examine the design decisions behind such architectures. The case study will also be used to introduce students to the problems and techniques associated with integration, data quality and evolution in systems for large-scale, long-term data management. The last part of the course will introduce the basic concepts of information retrieval systems, web search and web data extraction.


The grade for the course is determined by course work (25%) and a final written exam (75%).


1 21.02.2017 Introduction

2 24.02.2017 One size fits all?
One size fits all
3 28.02.2017 Object databases

4 03.03.2017 JDO & ZooDB
Project introduction

5 07.03.2017 ZooDB architecture & design

6 10.03.2017 Object data modelling

7 14.03.2017 Queries in object databases

8 17.03.2017 Transaction management

9 21.03.2017Lecture cancelled

10 24.03.2017 NoSQL databases
Project task 2 introduction

11 28.03.2017 More NoSQL databases

12 31.03.2017 XML data modelling

13 04.04.2017 Querying XML documents

14 07.04.2017 XML databases
Project task 3 introduction

15 11.04.2017 Column DBs
Teaching an Old Elephant New Tricks
16 25.04.2017 Breakout Session 1

17 28.04.2017 IS architecture and development methods
Project task 4 introduction

18 02.05.2017 Case Study: Total Diet Study

19 05.05.2017 Data quality and constraints

20 09.05.2017 Breakout Session 2

21 12.05.2017 Schema and data integration

22 16.05.2017 Schema and data evolution
Project task 5 introduction

23 19.05.2017 Information retrieval I

24 23.05.2017 Information retrieval II

25 26.05.2017 Web search
The Anatomy of a Search Engine
26 30.05.2017 Web data extraction

27 02.06.2017 Review


  • Prof Moira Norrie

  • Assistants

  • David Weber
  • Dr Karl Presser
  • Alfonso Murolo