Spring Semester
Tuesdays 14.15-16.00 in CLA E 4


Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) is the study of how people work together using computer technology. It is a multi-disciplinary research field dealing with the social, theoretical, practical and technical aspects of collaboration and how the use of technology can affect groups, organisations, communities and societies.

The CSCW community is interested in how people use everyday tools such as email, the web and chat systems as well as specialist groupware applications that support groups of people engaged in shared tasks such as software development or product design. A better understanding of how people communicate and work together can in turn lead to a better understanding of the problems of current technologies and systems and influence the design of new technologies and tools.


Each participant is required to give a 30 min presentation and answer questions on an assigned topic. In addition, each participant is assigned as a buddy on another paper which means that they must read the paper and be prepared to lead the discussion on the paper with some comments and questions. Students also have to submit a 2-page summary of the paper that they present. Grading is based on the quality of the talk, the report, and also active participation during the seminar.


  • Prof Moira Norrie

  • Assistants

  • Maria Husmann
  • Linda Di Geronimo
  • Alfonso Murolo