Spring Semester
Thursdays 10.15-12.00 in IFW A 36
Thursdays 13.00-15.00 in IFW A 36

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    The first half of the course will introduce the various technologies used in state-of-the-art websites together with the widespread interface-driven development process. From the beginning, we will cater for access from multiple devices such as mobile phones and tablets as well as desktop browsers and show how technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript can be used to support rich forms of interaction. The concepts behind modern content management platforms such as WordPress will be introduced and students will gain practical experience of working with such a platform in terms of extending its functionality as well as developing websites.
    The second half of the course will introduce various programming frameworks for website development and students will gain experience of working with various JavaScript frameworks, including ones developed to support novel forms of interaction and applications that run across two or more devices. The final lectures will examine user experience issues and future trends.
    The material covered in lectures will be supported by a series of practical exercises.


    The grade is determined by course work (25%) and final exam (75%).


    1 23.02.2017 Introduction
    introduction exercises
    2 02.03.2017 Basics of CSS
    Ex. 1.1 Description
    Ex. 1.1 introduction
    3 09.03.2017 Responsive Web Design
    Ex. 1.2 Description
    Ex. 1.2 Introduction
    4 16.03.2017 HTML5, CSS3 Animations & CSS4
    Ex. 2.1 Description
    Ex. 2.1 Introduction
    5 23.03.2017 JavaScript and jQuery
    Ex. 2.2 Description
    Ex. 2.2 Introduction
    6 30.03.2017 WordPress Model
    Ex. 3.1 Description
    Ex. 3.1 Introduction
    7 06.04.2017 WordPress 2
    Ex. 3.2 Description
    Ex. 3.2 Introduction
    8 13.04.2017 Programming Frameworks

    9 27.04.2017 JavaScript Frameworks
    Exercise 4.1 Introduction
    Exercise 4.1 Description
    Exercise 4.1 Skeleton
    Exercise 4.1 Video
    User Study Flyer
    10 04.05.2017 Beyond Mouse and Keyboard
    Ex. 4.2 Description
    Ex. 4.2 Introduction
    11 11.05.2017 Usability
    Exam 2016
    Exam 2015
    Exam 2014
    Exam 2013
    12 18.05.2017 Introduction
    Dark Patterns
    Performance Budgets
    The Web in 3D
    Progressive Web Apps
    Physical Web


  • Prof Moira Norrie

  • Assistants

  • Linda Di Geronimo
  • Alfonso Murolo