David Weber

Ph.D. student

CNB E 102.2
Department of Computer Science
Universitaetstrasse 6
8092 Zurich

+41 44 633 73 09


David's research concerns constraints and data quality. When developing large information systems, it is inevitable that several forms of checks and controls are specified in different components of the system at the interface, application and database levels. Consequently, there is often redundancy as the same checks may be performed on different levels and  it is difficult for a developer to have an overview of data quality controls and manage them efficiently. As well as extending and generalising constraint models to cater for different types of data quality, he is exploring how constraints can be defined and managed in single place, but executed in different components to optimise  data quality controls.


David studied computer science with a focus on information systems and business informatics at the University of Zurich, obtaining an MSc in 2006. He then worked for four years as a software engineer at SIX Card solutions AG  before joining the GlobIS group as a research assistant in 2011.


  • Information Systems
  • Information Systems Lab 2017
  • Information Systems Lab 2016
  • Information Systems 2016
  • Seminar Adv Topics in Inf Systems 2015
  • Information Systems 2015
  • Information Systems Lab 2015
  • Seminar Adv Topics in Inf Systems 2014
  • Information Systems Lab 2014
  • Information Systems 2014
  • Seminar CSCW 2014
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