Dr Tilmann Zäschke


CNB E 106
Department of Computer Science
Universitaetstrasse 6
8092 Zurich

+41 44 632 72 44


Tilmann's PhD research investigated the combination of agile development practices, information system development and object databases.  Recently, he has been working on a k-dimensional indexing technique called the PH-Tree. He also developed and maintains the open-source object database system ZooDB.


After graduating in 2001 as a civil engineer from TU Darmstadt in Germany, Tilmann started working for the European Space Agency (ESA)  in Darmstadt on their ground station control software. Two years later, he moved to The Netherlands where he worked for 5 years on ESA’s Herschel Common Science System, a software suite for the Herschel Space Observatory based on an object database management system. From 2009-2014, Tilmann has been a PhD student in the GlobIS group at ETH Zurich. Since 2015 he works as a Post-doc in the GlobIS group.


  • Information Systems 2015
  • Object Databases 2015
  • Seminar Adv Topics in Inf Systems 2014
  • Information Systems Lab 2014
  • Information Systems 2014
  • Seminar CSCW 2014
  • Object Databases 2014
  • Publications

    Previous Publications

    • Ingo Schönenborn und Tilmann Zäschke, Modellierung zeitvarianter geotechnischer Boden-TragwerkstrukturenForum für Bauinformatik, Weimar, Germany, 1998