EU Project


The fuzziness and unpredictability of the creative process remains an obstacle to effective technology support. Tools that require users to formalize and structure their ideas and practices are often at odds with creative practice and as a result often rejected. The aim of the Idea Garden project is get a better understanding of these creative processes and investigate ways in which technologies can support them.
ETH Zurich has the role of developing infrastructure capable of capturing, managing and sharing different types of information assets used to drive or record the creative process. The infrastructure should be general enough to support a wide range of activities and modes of interaction that will be explored in different project demonstrators. We are also taking an active role in designing as well as supporting cross-device working that will allow users to work together during the creative process using a mix of personal and shared devices.


FHOÖ, Austria
Aalborg University, Denmark
CAU, Germany
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
EOOS, Austria
FORTH, Greece
Lego, Denmark
Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Germany


  • Maria Husmann