EU Project


Total diet studies (TDS) provide a scientific basis for population dietary exposure to nutrients and non-nutrients, and potential impact on public health.  The focus of the TDS-Exposure project is on exposure to food contaminants  which pose a risk to human health and the environment. Exposure will be based on whole diets, as consumed, rather than contamination of raw commodities, to give a more realistic measure of exposure to potentially harmful compounds than are currently available. TDS-exposure will standardize methods for food sampling, analyses, exposure assessment calculations and modelling, priority foods, and selection of chemical contaminants.

The role of ETH Zurich is to develop a database system (FoodCASE-Risk) for the management of the food contaminant data. The main research activity involves developing methods and tools to assess and manage data quality in scientific databases in general and FoodCASE-Risk in particular. The research builds on previous experience of developing FoodCASE, a database system for managing food composition data.


ANSES, France
Institute of Food Research, UK
European Food Information Resource, Belgium
National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, The Netherlands
NIPH/SZU, Czech Republic
INRAN, Italy
BfR, Germany
University of Granada, Spain
University College Dublin/National University of Ireland, Ireland
University of Ghent, Belgium
HAF, Croatia
PVD, Latvia
EVIRA, Finland
INSA, Portugal
NIPH/FHI, Norway
MATIS, Iceland
NHN/IZZ, Poland
ISS, Italy
University Rovira I Virgili, Spain
VITO, Belgium
NFA, Sweden
AISBL, Belgium


  • Dr Karl Presser
  • David Weber