SNSF Project


It is now common for users to create and access information using a range of computing devices such as Desktop PCs, laptops, tablet computers and smartphones, as well as more specialized equipment found in office settings such as interactive whiteboard systems, digital tabletops and public displays. The overall goal of this project is to investigate ways in which we can make it easier to develop web applications that support cross-device working in that they not only adapt to different devices but may also be dynamically distributed across devices.

There are many possible scenarios in which multiple devices could be used to achieve a task—individually or in collaboration—with one or multiple devices per user. Our aim is to develop a multi-device platform that could support pre-configured physical spaces as well as ad-hoc, dynamic “walk-up and share” mobile scenarios. The goal is to provide flexible support for interactive development on the target devices themselves and dynamic distribution with additional devices. As an important part of the development process, the platform should also provide support for the evaluation of multi-device applications.


  • Maria Husmann