Many of our projects are addressing issues related to how users interact with information systems and trying to improve the user experience. Our focus is very much on the engineering of interactive systems and we have developed a number of tools and frameworks that support developers from the initial design and prototyping through to evaluation and operation. Much of this research is at the intersection of information systems engineering, web engineering and human-computer interaction (HCI). While we are interested in how to design and develop web sites that offer a good user experience, we also use web technologies in many of our projects to facilitate the development process.

We are particularly interested in investigating how best to support and exploit new devices and modes of interaction.  In the case of web engineering, we have investigated ways of supporting the development of context-aware and adaptive interfaces, including the use of crowdsourcing to allow end-users to perform and share adaptations. Given that it is now common for users to work with multiple devices in both home and work settings, we now have a number of projects exploring cross-device applications. These include projects addressing the need for methods and tools to support the design and development of cross-device applications as well as ones that allow users to dynamically distributed components of interfaces across devices.


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