We have a long record in web engineering with early research investigating novel architectures for data-intensive web sites and ways of integrating data-driven and content management approaches. We also have a great deal of experience working on issues related to the adaptation of web sites to different devices and contexts and our research in this area has evolved over the years in line with the development of web technologies as well as the introduction of new devices. While many researchers have proposed solutions for adaptation to mobile devices with small displays, we were among the first to consider adaptation to large screens and multi-touch devices. In CrowdAdapt, we investigated the use of crowdsourcing so that users could themselves adapt and share interfaces.

More recently, our interest in access via different devices has led to research in cross-device working. In the MultiMasher system, users can dynamically create mashups of existing web sites by distributing and combining elements from one or more web sites on different devices. At the same time, we are investigating ways of supporting the design and development of cross-device applications from scratch.

With the ever-increasing popularity of WordPress, we decided to have a closer look at the platform and also how it is used. A first project developed a meta-plugin that allows users to specify an entity-relationship model for their application data and then automatically generates a plug-in tailored to their data management requirements. We then addressed the challenge of supporting the development of themes by allowing users to reuse components of existing themes by simple drag-and-drop operations in a graphical theme designer known as the X-Themes Editor. To get a better understanding of WordPress developers and their requirements, we recently carried out a survey of modern web practices where we targeted both WordPress developers and those using various web programming frameworks.


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